Oeil What's new with Wikiwig ?

Without Wikiwig (With a classic non-wysiwyg wiki)

Here comes some screenshots of the edition of a page on a classic wiki (wikipedia) with a non-wysiwyg editor.
You can't edit the page and see it as it will be displayed in read-mode : when you edit the page (edition mode) you see some special characters like
( , { , [ , * , ** , ' , and so on ....
which enables to format the text (bold,italic,table ..). Don't even imagine how things are getting worse with images !
Managing images if often difficult, sometimes impossible ..

Page du wiki en mode lecture ---> edit this page is a nightmare !! --->Page du wiki en mode Údition

With Wikiwig (in wysiwyg !)

With wikiwig it is really easy to edit a page of the wiki : a wysiwyg editor loads up into your browser.
It looks like a classical word-processor ( MS Word ....).
It is very easy to add images, linked files, web links, an integrated images editor even allows to resize, rotate and recop your images.

Page de Wikiwig en mode lecture---> edit this page is easy ! ---> Page de Wikiwig en mode Údition