What is Wikiwig ?

Wikiwig is as free wiki (GPL) with wysiwyg features.

The main difference compared to other available Wiki (see a simple visual comparaison) is that people who want to edit pages of the wiki don't need to know a specific syntax based on strange things like, for example, "[hello] #tagada".

It is very easy to create well formatted pages ( bold, italic, links, images, attached documents...) : a rich text-editor loaded in the Web browser ( compatible with IE5.5+, mozilla 1.3+, and firefox) will do the job for you. Its name is Xinha , a free open source project too.

Main features :

  • Easy for anyone to modify each page of the wiki with little or no technical knowledge
  • Rich wysiwyg editor (Xinha ) with : bold, italic, underlined, etc
    • link editor : external and internal links
    • image manager : upload, rotation, resize, crop, visual browsing...
    • complex table editing
  • html view
  • html tidy (for copy-paste from msword for example)
  • Conflict prevention system (lock) to avoid 2 authors editing the same page at the same time
  • Automatic save dialog when quitting with changes pending
  • Page and folder creation and deletion. Folder moving (pages in the future)
  • multilingual interface (french, english, german and simplified chinese)
  • simple automatic install on most hostings
  • versioning (restoration via the web in v5.0)

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